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EdTech Team Favorites!

Learning Management Systems

  1. Google Classroom (K12)

  2. Schoology (K12)

  3. Canvas (6-12)

  4. Seesaw (K5)

  • Collaborate

  • Communicate

  • Manage Classroom

  • Organize

More Favorites....

Dianah's: A unique tool for teaching critical thinking. Argument mapping and debate specifically designed for classroom use. Its clear, visually compelling format makes it easy to follow the logical structure of a discussion and facilitates thoughtful collaboration. Kialo’s mission is to promote well-reasoned discussion online, and to that end, Kialo is free for educators to use.

Hillary's: GooseChase is a free K-12 educational scavenger hunt using mobile technology

Sarah's: Wakelet is a professional Pinterest - use it to save bookmarks, search in categories you're interested in, and even share resources with students. You can add a Chrome extension to quickly "pin" items in your Wakelet collections.

Peg's: Google Slides will always be my fav! How about using them for digital notebooks or interactive diagrams? More ideas here! Also check out slidesmania.com/

Jason's: Raspberry Pi - Learn how to code, create maker projects, build a computer, and so much more with a Raspberry Pi!

Digital Learning Tools Database

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