This is equipment that may be checked out to participating schools.

There is a limited number of older codec equipment that may fill a temporary need. We are strongly encouraging both sending and receiving schools to think about switching to Zoom, a desktop solution, using a USB camera/mic such as the Logitech Group Conference system below.

  • Lifesize Codecs (Icon 450, Icon 600, Team 220, Passport)
  • Lifesize Mic/Phone (Phone Platter)
  • Lifesize Camera (Firewire, HDMI)

The USB Logitech series are great for codec replacements as well as one-off VFTs or other remote connection needs.

The Double Robots we have will be great for students who may not be able to be at school but still be able to participate. They can also be used for remote coaching and other needs as well. The Padcaster is a great mobile recording studio but can also be used as a device for remote connections such as VFTs - either participating in them or having you or your students produce them.

*If you have any questions or would like to check any of this equipment out, please contact us!