Codec Troubleshooting

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Emergency Contact

  • Jason Everett –; Phone: (308) 698-1979

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Troubleshooting Protocol

If you have problems with your distance learning technology or connections follow the directions below:

I. Gather information regarding the problem:

Cart IP Addresses

A) Where is the problem? (See Troubleshooting Tips below)

  • Is this a Lifesize, Sony, Polycom problem?
  • Is this a problem on a cart or in a static classroom?

B) Explain the problem:

  • Is it a video problem – What is the problem?
  • Is it an audio problem – What is the problem?
  • Is there a problem with other distance learning equipment – What is the problem?
  • Other – – What is the problem?

C) What steps have you tried to resolve the problem?

D) Determine the level of attention needed

1. Needs immediate attention.

2. Does not need immediate attention – Instruct to leave a voice mail.

Lifesize Troubleshooting Tips

  • Troubleshooting Checklist
    • CODEC won’t turn on
      • Check power connections to the CODEC.
      • Check to make sure an electrical breaker has not switched off.
      • Push the “reset” button on the back of CODEC.
    • Video display (TV or LCD projector) does not connect to CODEC
      • Check power connections to the video display.
      • If the screen is black, click on the near button to make sure you have the correct input.
      • Check to make sure that the video display is set to correct source and not a channel.
      • If you have no picture on the display, make sure cables are properly connected to the display and that the display cable is connected to the Display 1 output on the back panel of the codec.
    • CODEC and Display both work but the CODEC will not connect to a remote site – it will not ring out.
      • Check to make sure the internet is working by calling another address – another site at your school or another off-site location.
      • Check to make sure the ethernet connection connected to the wall port is an active port.
      • Check to make sure the ethernet connection is in the correct port on the back of the CODEC.
      • Change ethernet cables to make sure the cable is good.
    • Audio Checklist:
      • Check that your speaker system is connected.
      • Ensure both near and far ends are not muted and that the volume is turned up on your display
      • Verify that the audio out cable is properly connected to the display.
      • If an external speaker system has its own volume control, adjust the volume to near maximum (in the range from 7-10) on the LifeSize audio output and adjust the volume control on the external speaker system for the best results.
    • Echo Cancelling Problem – You are getting an echo back of your voice when you speak:
      • The problem is caused by another site which is getting feedback into their mics. Follow these steps:
        • Identify the site that is the problem. If there is more than one site, have each site mute their audio until you determine who is the problem.
        • When the site is determined, they should make sure that the audio on their remote is turned up and then have them turn the audio on their display down.
        • If they are connecting using a laptop, they may need to add headphones to get rid of the feedback into the computer.
    • Cannot add technology such as a document camera or computer to display.
      • Click the “near” button on the remote to see if they are connected.
      • Check the video inputs to make sure they are correctly connected.
      • If it is a computer, make sure that the video is mirrored to the connection.
    • Computer image will not fill the entire screen.
      • Change resolution in the display settings of your computer.
    • Other troubleshooting problems
      • The remote control will not work – change the batteries.
      • If you experience poor motion handling or visible tiling in the far end picture during a video call, you are probably experiencing a data transport rather than an equipment problem.