2020-21 Resources and FAQs

Replacing Lifesize Codecs

More to come...

Zoom Licensing Cost and Scenarios (only for 2021-2022)

More soon...

Lifesize Video Center Shutdown (July 1, 2021)

This server has run without maintenance for several years. We will be encouraging users of this service to download any video they'd like to keep and store it in either their LMS or cloud storage such as Google Drive.

Workflows for recording classes will be forthcoming... stay tuned!

Helpdesk Ticketing of DL Support

Tracking only 2020-2021

Embedded in Helpdesk Contract for 2021-2022

More to come...

MyVRSpot Transition

2020-21 will bring about the transition/removal of MyVRSpot, a video repository that was a supplement to our Youtube Channel for those who were not allowing access to Youtube via your district policy or filter. We will be putting instructional videos and other content in Youtube as well as providing access to the via Google Drive.

Schoology Transition

The ESU 10 paid subscription to Schoology will be transitioning to another platform or service. This will only affect a few online communities hosted there and some courses teachers may have taken. The resources for these courses will be moved to a new location.