Kearney Storytelling Festival 2018

Video Conferencing Presentation

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 17th at 1:45 -2:45 CT.

Target audience: Grades 3- 5.

About this year’s storyteller…

Donna Washington

Donna is a performer and author with a diverse background in storytelling. She was born an army brat in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and began her international travel early with her parents. All through her journeys, her father would sit at the dinner table and spin the wildest yarns imaginable. He taught her Arthurian Legend and Greek Mythology by telling the stories in the first person. For many years, she thought he had actually been with Merlin and Oedipus! Donna spent from second to sixth grade in Seoul Ko- rea. It was during these years that her parents adopted three Amerasian children. Through it all, she learned about different people, places and of course, learned their stories.

[Note: Because the Storytelling Festival live performance schedule is limited by time and distance, the video conferencing is offered to schools more than 50 miles from Kearney. Eligible Schools: Anselmo-Merna, Ansley, Arcadia, Arnold, Broken Bow, Burwell, Callaway, Central Valley, Cozad, Elba, Gothenburg, Loup City, Loup County, Ord, Riverside, Sandhills, Sargent, and St. Paul.]