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Technology Purchases

Through match dollars, ESU 10 and ESU 11 along with DL schools can purchase technology in support of the goals and objectives of the grant.  ESU 10 and ESU 11 districts must submit an equipment request and ESU 10 will purchase the requested items.  Schools may also request other items than those listed below:

USB Cameras:

As the educator’s computer may or may not contain a built-in camera, a USB camera can provide both a video and audio link to the video conferencing software.

Laptop View – For educators or staff that do not have a built-in camera, a USB camera to mount on their monitor provides a good video/audio option.

Landscape View – For medium size groups, a USB camera can provide a wider view along with a better audio in and out option. The USB option allows teachers the ability to share a camera as it is easy to plug in and unplug to accommodate connections in different locations.

Camera suggestions include the following:

Audio Headsets:

In areas where multiple individuals are located with different connections, a personal headset may be a requirement during a video conference.  Headset need could apply to teachers, students, secretarial, or helpdesk support. The following are headset options :

Document Camera:

The document camera option is for teachers who share classes over distance learning or for students who are requested to share content using a document camera. 

WePresent Projection:

WePresent is a wireless presentation system that allows multiple users to collaborate via a wireless interactive connection.  DL teachers and students within that room are all able to share content during a class.